Why Shred Waste?

Why Shred Waste?

There are two reasons why we shred, firstly, shredding timber allows us to sell the wood chip to Biomass companies such as Tyrone Energy Ltd who then burn it in specialised burners and capture the energy given off in the process, before converting it and storing it as electrical energy to supply the needs of houses and businesses in the area in an environmentally friendly manner.

Secondly, shred everything else, not because it’s fun, because shredded waste is naturally more compact, less air pockets, meaning more waste can fit into one bin, skip or lorry, hence reducing the amount of journeys necessary to transport waste from our waste transfer station to the individual material recycler! Less journeys means less emissions, less emissions, means healthier environment!!!

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Welcome to the latest news about Skips R Us. Skips R Us is developing into one of Northern Ireland’s major waste management companies. With a local, well trained and friendly workforce we can provide a complete waste management service to our clients in private, commercial and public sectors. Have a look through our latest images & videos or why not try find the perfect skip for you.


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