Waste Management Technology

Our waste transfer station is a state of the art facility with modern and efficient technology.

We Operate an Avery Weigh-Tronix Weighbridge which can weigh vehicles dependably and accurately

Our Balers are an energy efficient and safe way to dispose of cardboard waste quickly.

Our picking stations are an effective and secure way of managing waste. The picking line is an efficient platform which enables a safe way of separating waste and through the use of magnets we can separate metals along the conveyor.

Using an air density separator in our waste system we can effectively separate the waste in to two fractions heavy and light. The benefits of using this technology helps reduce disposal costs and maximise material recovery.

We use a combination of Crushers, shredders and screening units for efficient, cost effective and high performance aggregate processing applications.

With the recently installed Waste Logics software waste management has never been easier. Using this we can take advantage of weighing technology and pay by weight systems. Our customers can also gain access to in depth waste reports when required.