Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Size – What skip size should I choose?

We have eight skip sizes: 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards, 12 yards, 16 yards, 25 yards, 35 yards and 60 yards. The most popular size is the 6 yard skip. Larger skips cost more than smaller skips, but assuming you have enough waste to fill them they work out better value. The best value skip for you depends on the quantity of waste you are disposing of and the amount of space available at your property for putting the skip.

Level Loads – how high can I load a skip?

Only fill your skip up to the height of its sides because otherwise, the skip driver may refuse to collect it. This is because transport laws make it illegal to move a skip which is not ‘level-loaded’.

Prohibited items – What items can’t I put in my skip?

Skips are designed for getting rid of non-hazardous waste, not specialist materials. The main items prohibited includes:

  • Batteries
  • Paint/paint tins
  • Oil / petrol / diesel
  • Electrical equipment (WEEE)
  • Liquids
  • Gas bottles & cylinders
  • Plasterboard – unless by prioir arrangement
  • Clinical waste
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Solvents
  • TVs / computer screen
  • Fridges / freezers
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Toxic waste

Labour – will you help with loading the skip?

We provide skips, not the labour to load them. If you need help loading your skip then perhaps you would prefer to use a man and a van service instead.

Hire period – How long can I hire a skip?

Typical length of hire is one week. You can hire a skip for longer but this may result in additional charges. If you think you may need a skip for more than one week, let us know and we will work to accomodate your needs. Similarly, if you want the skip removed before the 7 days, let us know and we can schedule this for you.

Access – access requirements and firmness of ground for skip lorry

Skips are normally delivered on large 18 tonne lorries that are wider than a car. Make sure there is enough space for the skip lorry to access the place you want the skip to be located or consider changing the location. If road or gate access is narrow, check with us beforehand that the dimensions of the lorry will fit. Note that when the full skip is taken away, the lorry will need the use of its stabilisers – metal legs which exert significant pressure on the ground and can dent soft tarmac or break paving stones.

Collection – When is the skip collected?

Your skip is collected when you tell us to collect it. You can either specify a collection date at the time of booking, or tell us later once you know. Collection is normally within 2 days of your chosen date.