Did you know – concrete waste.

Did you know – concrete waste.

The production of concrete accounts for a massive 30% of CO2 emissions in the world today! This is due to the immense amount of heat needed in order to make it, the raw materials have to be heated to over 1000 degrees Celsius, and like most traditional manufacturing methods, the required heat is generated by burning fossil fuels, most commonly coal and clinker which react when burnt and emmits large volumes of the environment damaging gasses such as CO2. Modern research has shown that similar heats can be generated by burning other fuels with high calorific content.

I hear you asking why this is relevant to us, and here’s why, Skips are tipped in are yard containing all sorts of materials, and while 90% of it can be recycled, 10% can’t, luckily most of the materials that tend to fall into the “non-recyclable” category have a high calorific value, and so instead of being sent to landfill, can be sent to concrete production sites and used as an alternative to fossil fuels, not only reducing the amount of CO2 being emmited to the atmosphere, but also drastically reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill

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